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CCI Human Bingo

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CCI Human Bingo

Has seen the rock band “Rush” in concert 24 timesOnce operated an online lingerie e-commerceHas more than 10 years working at CCIWon the Island-wide spelling bee competition in the 2nd gradeGot a new car this year
Once lived in MayaguezLived in Turkey when was 3 yrs oldHas long hair (10" or more)Has straight hair that wishes it was curlyPlays flyball and competes in tournaments in CA
By the age of 15 has traveled all over the world except in China and RussiaWanted to name a daughter HaileyHas been married 45 years or moreSat on Walt Disney’s lapHas absolutely no sense of direction
Started working at CCI in 2016And their siblings have Nahuatl namesLost wedding ring in Pacific Ocean and AZOf 5 siblings was the only one born in a hospital
NV and 4 great grandchildrenWas named after an Opera singer (Jenny Lilley)Is wearing socks with more than three colorsHas 3 children