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Your guest eats an entire Monte!Sell a Specialty sushi roll..but not on WedSell 4 Baraboos on one shiftSell a Best Sellers Variety plateServe a table that gets only appetizers
Serve a non-restaurant employeeGet a 100% SS score or social media mentionSell 5 Martinis in 1 weekSell 8 bottles of wine in one weekTip that's more than 25% of check
Have a brunch tix with/cocktails to every adultCocktail to every adult at the table (min 3)Free Space!Sell 2 Full price specialty drinks to a tableSell a hot chocolate
Sell a bottle of Champ De ReveLargest check of the daySell a cocktail for breakfastSell a bucket of beerSell 2 full price appetizers to a table
Have a complete ticket at a tableSell more than 2 desserts to a tableSell a cappuccinoHave a $100 ticketSell a full price bottle of wine