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Salk STRIDE Bingo

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Salk STRIDE Bingo

Use a ratio of 4:1 positive:negative comments to students each hour of the day.Complete a positive referral for one student each day this week. Write a Salk Monkey positive referral for a support staff.Practice active supervision in the commons by moving around the area.Make a positive statement to a different staff member each day for one week.
Give 4 positives to one negative each hour between classes. Greet all students entering your classroom every hour for one day.Give a STRIDE ticket during your supervision time in the commons or hall. Review your behavior matrix with students during each class period.Give a STRIDE ticket to one student each hour for one day.
Reward a whole class for positive behavior.Engage with students during passing time and provide positive statements.FREE SPACEAcknowledge students’ behavior using the “3 R’s” during each hour of the day for one day. Create a Salk Monkey note to recognize a fellow staff member.
Spend an entire day consciously using only positive language. Email one family per day of a student using the “3 R’s”. Spend 15 minutes reading something to inspires you in your job as a teacher. Write a positive referral for a student for whom you have written a negative one. Stop to reflect on five things that make your days positive here at Salk.
Give a STRIDE ticket to a student you don’t know.Ask students to share how they demonstrate the 3 R’s during their day at Salk.Reference your behavior matrix when acknowledging student behavior each hour of one day.Reward yourself for all the hard work you do to make Salk a positive place to work. Explain your behavior matrix to another staff member.