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SUNY Broome Faculty Essentials

This is just a sample card. All printed cards will be unique and scrambled.

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SUNY Broome Faculty Essentials

I've taught at SUNY Broome beforeI've never gotten a speeding ticketI'm new to SUNY BroomeI have a dog that I likeI'm not originally from the Southern Tier
I do not match my socksI graduated high school without getting a detentionI can honestly say I understand how to use my smart phoneI was born & raised in the Southern TierI have unintentionally eaten a bug
I have taught online beforeI have traveled outside of the Continental USFree Space!I have never gotten a speeding ticketI have taught community college students previously
I memorize lines from movies and repeat them in conversationI have flown first classI have a cat that likes meI have had to trouble-shoot technology in front of a group/classI have not taught online before
I've accidentally gone into the wrong gender's bathroomI fluently speak a foreign languageI have intentionally eaten a bugI always use my blinkersI have seen a Broadway show