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The 30th Annual Rob Gestone Memorial Bingo Tournament Invitational

This is just a sample card. All printed cards will be unique and scrambled.

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The 30th Annual Rob Gestone Memorial Bingo Tournament Invitational

R O B 3 0
Schilling complains to RobA game of "Asshole" breaks outThe Knicks beat the 76ersCommunicate in Campus Patrol Radio CodeLuke Frankson shows up
A ghost pepperSing the Regis High School Alma MaterIlana Raskind shows upRob screams "WHO WHOOOA" at PrattFreddy Krueger
Tom Chen gets wasted off of one beerSomeone quotes the "Playa Hater's Ball" sketchFREE FUCKING SPACEPhotobomb a stranger while throwing up "The Shocker"Do 50 Pushups
Food inadvertently gets stuck in Pratt's disgusting beardNY Rangers gearDrink a 40Do 25 PushupsJustin Mailloux shows up
Vassar College gearDrink a Krüg of beerRob does pushups outsideA Shake WeightA St. Stanislaus Kostka graduate that isn't Rob