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This is just a sample card. All printed cards will be unique and scrambled.


Made Beauty on the daySell a $10 or more impulse item Create "The perfect sale" Made launch on the daySurvey Aval. of Assist. is Green
Made LY sales on the daySell 4 Bras in one transactionOpen 3 or more Angel cards in one shiftComplete the challenge of the dayMade LY bras on the day
Pass off top 10 bras in order to a CSLPass off Monthly Link to Shrink to a CSLVictoria's SecretSales Tracker $300 or moreDemonstate 3 different confident selling statements
Phone capture 80% or higherPass off features and benefits of top 10 bras to a CSLMade Pink on the dayEmail capture 60% or higherComplete your "Whats sexy for her" Workbook
ADS:$55 or more on the daySurvey Interaction w/ Assoc. is GreenConversion 35 or higher on the dayCustomer called the survey and shared your nameMade sales plan on the day